50 Things To Do With A Rabbit


50 Things to Do with a Rabbit is a fact-filled book that teaches you all about different sex toys and how to pleasure yourself with them.

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50 Things to Do with a Rabbit is the tiny book that’s bursting with facts about rabbit vibrators and other sex toys. 50 Things to Do with a Rabbit , by Daisy Valetta, explores all of the wonderful ways you can use your vibrators. Valetta details different techniques, gives you tips on how to use sex toys with your lover and for vaginal health, and provides you with interesting facts about vibrators and their history. 50 Things to Do with a Rabbit gives you an overview of different types of vibrators and teaches you how to explore your body. Written to be informative and interesting, this insightful book takes you from just owning a vibrator to learning how to use one to make your sex life better overall. Hardcover. 96 pages.