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Get three disposable bullet vibrators, plus extra batteries, so you always have a powerful, discreet, versatile vibrator at your fingertips.

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Take your sex life to the next level with the 3 Bullet Vibrators. This set of three different bullet vibrators is perfect for solo sex or couple’s play. If you’ve ever bought a disposable bullet vibrator, you understand the frustration of reaching in your drawer and finding that your bullet has bit the dust. And when will you have the opportunity to buy another? Picking up the 3 Bullet Vibrator Set from Vibrators.com means you have three, small, powerful vibrators to choose from at any time, and you can use one after the next. This convenient pack of vibrators also includes replacement batteries for each vibrator. These bullet vibrators are easy to travel with and use with a lover. Slip one in your purse, leave one on your nightstand, and have another for backup or whatever you choose. The Bullet Vibrator 3 Pack can be used with any type of lubricant, in any situation.

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